Løvstien parkrun #31

We have heard it multiple times, from multiple people, coming from all over the world: "This is the toughest/hilliest parkrun I have ever done". So, from now on Løvstien parkrun is in fact the hilliest parkrun ever - at least until someone proves us wrong.
One of our debutants said the following after completing her first run in Løvstien saturday morning: "Its never actually flat" (said with a smile, we must add). So, we have the deepest respect and admiration for all of the 15 runners and handful of volunteers who came out on Saturday - the weather was horrible. Not only did the rain come down in buckets - the clouds were so thick and damp that we didnt even get to see the beautiful views that we know surround Løvstien. For the tourists who came: You guys got the true Bergen experience, no doubt.
Despite the conditions we welcomed 8 first timers and even 2 personal bests. Well done Esther ZIJERVELD and Jeanette SAMUELSEN.

Many thanks to this weeks volunteers:
Silje BENTSEN • Calum LEITCH • Yngvild BJØRLYKKE • Nikolas Jon AARLAND • Heidi ESPEDAL • Helge HAGEN

Summer season is coming up and many of the regulars are traveling. If you can help out a Saturday or two this summer please let us know. E-mail: lovstien@parkrun.com or send us a message on facebook.
We need timers, a barcode scanner, tail walker or someone to hand out the finish tokens. It only requires you to show up a little earlier and staying until we´re finished on the day! Easy peasy!

Until next week!


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