Løvstien parkrun, Bergen is cancelled on 31 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Løvstien parkrun first anniversary!

Happy birthday to us!

Click this link to read a summary (available in both Norwegian and English) from our first year, and see some cool photos too. https://blog.parkrun.com/se/2019/10/09/4169/?fbclid=IwAR1t1YFaf0HNEWmd4afrARHENaO5yyGqp0KJeDoPFDgmzfUQhz96ixhWgJw

We dont post much here, but we do keep our facebook page updated every week - thats the easiest way to get in touch with us.

Hope to see you in Løvstien soon!

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Løvstien parkrun #31

We have heard it multiple times, from multiple people, coming from all over the world: "This is the toughest/hilliest parkrun I have ever done". So, from now on Løvstien parkrun is in fact the hilliest parkrun ever - at least until someone proves us wrong.
One of our debutants said the following after completing her first run in Løvstien saturday morning: "Its never actually flat" (said with a smile, we must add). So, we have the deepest respect and admiration for all of the 15 runners and handful of volunteers who came out on Saturday - the weather was horrible. Not only did the rain come down in buckets - the clouds were so thick and damp that we didnt even get to see the beautiful views that we know surround Løvstien. For the tourists who came: You guys got the true Bergen experience, no doubt.
Despite the conditions we welcomed 8 first timers and even 2 personal bests. Well done Esther ZIJERVELD and Jeanette SAMUELSEN.

Many thanks to this weeks volunteers:
Silje BENTSEN • Calum LEITCH • Yngvild BJØRLYKKE • Nikolas Jon AARLAND • Heidi ESPEDAL • Helge HAGEN

Summer season is coming up and many of the regulars are traveling. If you can help out a Saturday or two this summer please let us know. E-mail: lovstien@parkrun.com or send us a message on facebook.
We need timers, a barcode scanner, tail walker or someone to hand out the finish tokens. It only requires you to show up a little earlier and staying until we´re finished on the day! Easy peasy!

Until next week!



Løvstien parkrun er avlyst 27. april – Løvstien parkrun is cancelled Apr. 27th

På grunn av Bergen City Maraton førstkommende lørdag avlyser vi parkrun i Løvstien. Trafikken gjennom Bergen er helt eller delvis stengt mellom 8 om morgenen til kl. 15 på ettermiddagen. Det gjør det vanskelig både å komme seg til og fra Løvstien. Håper på forståelse for dette.
Velkommen tilbake til parkrun lørdag 4 mai! Vi ses da :)

Because of the Bergen City Marathon on Saturday April 27th we are canceling Løvstien parkrun. The traffic in the city is closed or partly closed between 8 am and 3 pm that day. That makes traveling both to and from Løvstien difficult. Thanks for understanding.

Welcome back saturday May 4th. :)


Snow for parkrun number 15 in Løvstien (Norwegian)

Skrevet av Heidi Espedal

For første gang var det snø i Løvstien parkrun. Heldigvis var snøen fersk og fin, og ikke nevneverdig glatt. Det var ni stykker som trosset underlaget - hvorav Benjamin Dolva passerte målstreken først. De andre fulgte hakk i hel - strålende innsats av alle! Resultater finnes her: http://www.parkrun.no/lovstien/results/weeklyresults/…
Mot slutten fikk vi nok en "første gang" - Grønn etat kom plutselig for å hente bosset - midt i løpet. De hadde vært litt på etterskudd med bosshenting denne uken, og måtte derfor bruke helgen på å hente seg inn. Et ekstra hinder i løypen til tross, alle kom seg trygt over målstreken (selv om førstemann i mål, Benjamin, vartet opp med en akrobatisk målpassering), og Løvstien ble etterlatt enda litt renere enn da vi kom! Tusen takk til de frivillige som stilte opp, og så håper vi og se dere alle igjen neste helg!


Løvstien parkrun #14 (english)

By Serap Gonen

Another fun-filled parkrun number 14 in Løvstien, despite the wet and windy conditions.

Bergen folk are strong against the bad weather conditions, a little rain and wind never stops a good run! Eighteen runners in their most waterproof running clothes joined us at Løvstien today, a record number for 2019 so far.

We had six runners making their first appearance on the course this week, including Ben Dales, Erling Hagen and Eva Jellestad. We hope you enjoyed the course and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Our list of first timers also included junior runners Mina, Martin and Nora Nygaard Åsnes running with their father and volunteer tail walker Morten. All three juniors completed the full course with lots of energy and big smiles, and crossed the finish line before their father - fantastic work! We hope they join us again soon (kanskje vi sees neste lørdag Martin? :D)

Despite the wet and windy conditions, one of our regular runners Anders Johannessen managed to bag himself a personal best! All the hard work and training with parkrun every Saturday pays off, many congratulations Anders!

Special thanks to Benjamin Dolva for running the course and giving out tokens straight after. He flew around the course in under 20 minutes!

After the event, parkrun volunteers meet at the Magic Hotel Solheimsviken to upload the results and chat over coffee (or try to transfer photos using new technological systems that are impossible to work...). All runners are welcome to join too!

This week 18 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 6 were a first timers and 1 recorded a new Personal Best. Representatives of 1 club took part. Velkommen alle tilbake!

Special thanks to our 6 volunteers:

Calum Leitch • Benjamin Dolva • Emma Donegan • Serap Gonen • Nonglak Iam-arunothai • Morten Nygaard Åsnes

The Age Grade course record is held by Ivar Andreas Sandø who recorded 77.56% (21:37) on 10th November 2018 (event number 5).
The female record is held by Lina Rivedal who recorded a time of 20:24 on 20th October 2018 (event number 2).
The male record is held by Nikolas Jon Aarland who recorded a time of 18:08 on 10th November 2018 (event number 5).

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