The Course

The course is 5000m (5K) long. This has been accurately measured by us with a professional measuring wheel. This event takes place at Kristiansten Festningen. The course is ran on gravel paths and grass. Some sections of the course may accumulate mud, leaves and puddles after rain. Dependent on availability, marshals will be at key sections of the course, or signs will be in place.

Please remember that the parkrun uses shared paths. For the continued success of the event, please give way to other park users. This won't hurt your time, it won't stop you from getting a PB and it will make sure everyone continues to enjoy the event.

Please, wherever possible walk, jog, cycle or use public transport when attending the event. If you do have to drive, please consider car-sharing to reduce our impact on both the environment and other park users. Please also watch out for other park users when arriving and leaving. Parking may be limited so try to arrive early.

Course Safety

The Festningen parkrun is a fun, free event organised by volunteers for the benefit of everyone. We wish to make the run as safe as possible, so runners, spectators and helpers are asked to take care about the following:

  • Please be considerate to the park and other park users at all times.
  • Children under the age of eleven must be accompanied (within arm's reach) throughout the run by a parent, guardian or appropriate adult of the parent's choice.
  • Please arrive by foot, by pedal-power or by public transport if you can - your efforts help to reduce our impact on the park and the planet.
  • Please consider volunteering to help occasionally - this event survives only because of your generosity - please visit the volunteer page for more information.
  • Take care near roads and car parks - some vehicles drive very quickly. Please congregate away from the cars and be careful in particular if you have children. If you’re driving to the run, please drive carefully even if you’re late!
  • When running, take care on uneven surfaces - whether on grass or on tarmac. Watch out for cyclists, other runners, pedestrians, children, dogs, wildlife, park animals, vehicles, park maintenance work, falling branches, bollards, posts and other obstacles around the course.
  • Please ensure that you are fit enough to walk, jog, run 5k (3.1 miles) with us. Health advice about running can be found at the excellent Runners' Medical Resource website (although this external website focuses on preparation for a race and does not describe parkrun events).
  • Remember to warm up before the run.
  • If you see a runner with a serious problem, please stop to help them out and get help as soon as possible.
  • If you’re watching, keep clear of runners on the course, and look after any children and dogs you may have with you.
  • Runners wishing to run with a dog are welcome, but please keep the dog on a short lead or harness and under control throughout the event. Please also review the parkrun support page article about running with a dog at parkrun events.
  • Runners pushing buggies are also welcome, but please take extreme care of other runners around you. If possible start from the back of the field and try to keep to one side of the main body of runners.
  • While rare, Lyme Disease is present in areas where deer live, and occasionally passed to human's through infected ticks. See NHS Choices website for more about Lyme Disease, and how to deal with ticks.

We hope these tips help to ensure that Festningen parkrun is fun and safe for everyone.

Age Grading

All parkrun events use Age Grading to help parkrunners compare results.

Age Grading takes your time and uses the world record time for your sex and age group to produce a score (a percentage). This score allows you to compare your personal performance against other people's performances even though they might be a different age and a different sex to you - the higher the score the better the performance. The scores can also be compared across different race distances - to allow you to, for example, compare a 5km time against a marathon.

For more information, please see our Support page.

Course Map

Course Description

The start/finish area lies in the northern end of the park at Festningen, by the junction of Festningsgata and Båhus Gate. Starting with a moderate climb, the course consists of 3 laps within the park. The course is run over a mixture of gravel paths and grass and ends with a nice descent back to the start/finish area.

Beskrivelse av løypen

Start og målområdet ligger i den nordlige enden av parken rundt Festningen, ved krysset mellom Festningsgata og Båhus gate. Løypen begynner med en liten stigning mot vest og består av 3 runder i parken ved og rundt selve Festningen. Løypen avsluttes med en nedoverbakke nede til samme området som starten.


There are public toilets inside Kristiansten Festningen.


Det er offentlige toaletter inne på Festningen ved Kommandanten.

Getting There

Location of start

The event starts in the northern end of the park at Festningen, by the junction of Festningsgata and Båhus Gate.

Hvor er starten?

Start i den nordlige enden av parken rundt Festningen, ved krysset mellom Festningsgata og Båhus gate.

Getting there by public transport

ATB route #63 stops at Festningsgata. It takes 8 mins to walk up to the start area from Innherredsveien by Solsiden, with all the different buses stopping there.

Hvordan komme seg hit med kollektivtransport?

Det ligger en bussholdeplass for ATB rute nr. 63 i Festningsgata rett ved start/målområdet. Ellers tar det bare 8 minutter å gå opp til området fra Innherredsveien ved Solsiden. (Betjent av mange ulike ruter).

Getting there on foot

From the carpark at Festningen follow the path around the fort to the north and down to the start/finish area, close to Trondheim International School.

Hvordan komme seg hit til fots?

Fra parkeringsplassen ved inngangen til Festningen, følg stien nordover og nedover mot Trondheim International School. Start/målområdet ligger I parkens nordlige ende.

Getting there by road

From the city centre, head north along Kjøpmannsgata. Turn right over Bakke Bru. Take a second right at Nonnegata. Follow Nonnegata uphill to the junction with Stading Dahls gate. Turn right at the junction, followed by a quick right into Festningsgata. The park, with the start/finish area lies on the left.

Hvordan komme seg hit med bil?

Fra midtbyen, kjør nordover langs Kjøpmannsgata. Ta til høyre over Bakke Bru. Ta til høyre igjen ved Nonnegata og følg denne helt til toppen til krysset med Stading Dahls gate. Her tar man til høyre og så en gang til inne i Festningensgata. Startområdet ligger til venstre i parken.

Post Run Coffee

After the run each week, we meet at Dromedar Kaffebar, by Bakke bru (Nedre Bakklandet 77). It is only a short walk straight downhill from the start/finish area.

Vi samles for en kopp kaffe på Dromedar Kaffebar ved Bakkebru etter løpet hver uke. Kaféen er bare en kort gåtur nedoverbakken fra mål-området.